Mocha TN5250

Mocha TN5250

Emulate working environments for IBM AS/400
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Manage software components of IBM AS/400 system by creating emulated sessions based on TN5250 structures. Automatically initiate the environment creation, assign custom hotkeys, check statistics such as the last transaction time, the device name, etc.

Mocha TN5250 is a terminal emulator for Windows 7,8,10 operating systems that offers various features for manipulating AS/400 servers. It supports all standard 5250 emulation features and it's able to alternate screen resolutions from 24x80px to 27x132px.

The software installation lasts under one minute and can be easily done by a few clicks on Next buttons. As you start the program, you are welcomed by a decent interface, though it does look a bit outdated. The interface sections are well-organized, as well as the toolbars and menus. The response time to user commands is fast, and overall, the interface doesn't have major flaws. However, the appearance lacks some more advanced options.

When it comes to what it can do, Mocha TN5250 does deliver what users expect. It has user-defined function keys and the SSL can be activated on port 922 in 56-bit or 128-bit mode.

Furthermore, in order to maintain the connection operational, the messages can be sent with a 15-second interval. Also, it is possible to configure the toolbar, trim the parameters, or ask the tool to record traffic activity of log files.

In conclusion, though it may not be the perfect software for realizing emulation operations, Mocha TN5250 is a software solution that's worth to be considered. Probably the biggest con is the fact that it's not free.

John Saunders
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  • Offers good response time
  • Supports trimming parameters
  • Records traffic activity of log files


  • Misses advanced configuration options
  • Has an outdated interface
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